Our Story

Sarmadi Brothers

The Founders - Pictured Below: Paykon, Kayvon & Omid Sarmadi

Growing up in a business environment, we realized from an early age that expressing personal style, through dapper and thoughtful dressing, can have an enormous impact on a man’s overall success. For Kayvon Sarmadi (CEO), a Financial Advisor in a multi-national firm, this was a necessity to survive in a highly competitive environment. After several years in an industry where high-end business attire is commonplace, he began to notice a frustrating lack of quality in many products of even the most expensive designer brands. It became clear that, in many cases, these designers had abandoned the traditional manufacturing methods and quality that brought them to prominence. This was the moment when the idea for Sarmadi Brothers was born, and we began our mission of creating a product that utilizes “Old World Craftsmanship, for the Modern Gentleman”. Our focus turned to footwear and silk accessories, which we felt were particularly affected by newer mass production manufacturing methods. So began the global search for craftsmen with the ability, and experienced hands, to capture our vision. Unsurprisingly, this led us to Italy, where we spoke with dozens of incredible artisans before narrowing the field to a precious few who truly understand, and believe in, our mission. We are confident that the results speak for themselves.

Sarmadi Brothers is based in Bethesda, Maryland, and is a family business. All three brothers continue to play an active role in the company and remain committed to providing world-class products and unparalleled value for some of the world’s best-dressed men. While the inspiration for our collections continue to come from Kayvon’s personal vision of classic style, youngest brother, Omid Sarmadi (Executive VP) oversees day-to-day operations along with Kayvon’s wife, Nadira (COO). Paykon Sarmadi, a Project Manager for an Architecture & Engineering firm, is an active member of the board of directors and continues to use his design and management experience to improve the company’s processes and products.



Leather Selection

The first stage in shoe crafting is a rigorous process of hand-selecting the finest Italian leather that will ultimately become our masterpiece. For our artisans to create a shoe worthy of some of the world’s best dressed men, it is imperative that only raw materials that are truly exceptional pass through our quality control process.


Cutting, Sewing, and molding of the leather:

The initial cutting, stitching, & molding of the leather into the Upper forms the foundation upon which the process builds. Because of the absolute precision required to properly execute this stage in the process, only our most experienced artisans perform this step, and always completely by hand. This stage of the process is where one can easily recognize the work of an experienced Sarmadi Brothers artisan, and it distinguishes a good product from a world-class shoe.


Crafting of the shoe:

The crafting of the shoe includes the stages in which the Upper comes to life and is further molded to the desired shape. The Upper, Lining, Midsole, and Outsole are assembled using our traditional artisanal methods. Now that 80% of the shoe construction is complete, it still requires the finishing touches by the hands of our artisans, which is where the true artistry can be witnessed.


Finishing touches:

Steady hands, patience, and astute attention to detail are paramount at this time. Although this stage has a different process for each of our various designs, every detail is meticulously crafted by hand. Whether it is the careful hand painting of each shoe, or the intricate handiwork Sarmadi Brothers has become known for, these steps are the finale of the 21-day process it takes to make a single pair of Sarmadi Brothers shoes.



Our 7-Fold Luxury Collection is among the highest quality ties available. The term 7-fold refers to the gold standard in necktie construction. Instead of sewing a synthetic inlay into the tie, as do many of the most expensive designers, a 7-fold tie is made from a single piece of silk. This requires substantially more material than the average silk tie, but the results are undeniable. The first time you hold a Sarmadi Brothers tie, you will immediately notice the weight, incredibly luxurious feel, incomparable drape, and astonishing knots you are able to achieve. Each tie is 100% handcrafted using only the finest silks from Italian mills, known worldwide for absolute quality.